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About the Author

Stella McMillan Author

This award winning author came to Queensland Theatre Company’s attention back in 1977 when Beverly Mahoney wrote and won the coveted Q.T.C Queensland playwriting competition for ‘Flight Path’.


After a sold-out season of ‘Flight Path’ at the Queensland Theatre Company, Beverly Mahoney was hooked as a writer and decided to continue her  journey as a novelist under the pen name Stella McMillan.

Stella McMillan has written and published a seven-book series in print and eBooks in Two Trilogies, plus a companion book.

Two later published books form part of a third Trilogy and these have New Age themes.

Trilogy One is historic romance set in Victoria, Australia, commencing with the first Royal Tour by Prince Alfred in 1867.

Trilogy Two and its companion book follow the life of Paula in this century. Working as a croupier in Las Vegas, life takes her on an unplanned trip to a Gold Coast casino in Australia.  Here, from a detached reality, she views the earlier Victorian story.

The seventh book in this Series is: SUSPENSION - Between Two Realms

In addition to her writing, the Author has enjoyed working in many places including an English pub in London UK, an embassy in Washington DC, a fish factory in Iceland and as a nurse in Brisbane and in Melbourne, Australia. She has toured Europe, USA, Australia, cities in Asia and climbed to the Kings Chamber in Egypt's Giza Pyramid. Info:

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