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The First Trilogy




Watching from afar, Paula studies the lives of Charles and Louisa, along with Elizabeth, Sylvia and Phillip. Why do they all seem so familiar to her? She knows these people. She knows their story oh-so-well! How can this be when she has a busy life of her own in 20th century Las Vegas?

From her detached reality, Paula remains riveted to their lives in nineteenth century Australia - a country that she has never visited previously. It all seems very real to her in this now-moment as the first Royal Tour of this country commences. Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, begins his 1867 tour of the city of Melbourne while Paula fights for life in a hospital on the Gold Coast in Australia as the 21st century makes its appearance.

At the same time, in 19th century Australia, Louisa battles daily to remain her own person after she is forced into an arranged marriage that she viewed as a fate worse than death.

The First Trilogy explores the possibility of past-lives. Paula studies the people and places in Victorian Australia. They are familiar to her now, in this current time. How is this possible? She finds it difficult to accept that she has lived previously in another physical body, in a foreign country and in a different century.

Paula ponders her fate while she lingers

in a detached reality. Her body fights for life in a place that is alien to her.

The Second Trilogy in this Seven-Book Series

reveals the truth that is difficult to accept.

Error of Understanding

Book One

Back Cover
Error Perpetuated

Book Two

Back Cover 2
Era of Understanding

Book Three

High Resolution Back Cover
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