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Hello, I’m Beverly Bree, and my author name is Stella McMillan - award winning playwright and author of a Trilogy Series written for those avid readers who enjoy an intriguing fusion of fact, fiction and fantasy.  

Centred around one loving couple, two distinctly-different personalities, three consecutive lifetimes together, the Stella McMillan series is bound to have you lost in the pages.

Laurel Pearce

“ I thoroughly enjoyed the three books in the first trilogy. Stella’s characters come to life and I honestly fell in love with Charles Lyndhurst. An enjoyable read!”

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The First Trilogy

The First Trilogy

Love Everlasting
Stella McMillan Seven-Book Series

Australia, 1867 - The lives of Louisa, Sylvia and Elizabeth were about to be turned upside down as Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, toured these shores. Excitement reached fever-pitch throughout the country as the grand balls, race meetings and lavish functions consumed the lives of the population.

Oblivious to it all, the innocent, 16 year old Louisa was unprepared for the massive catastrophe that was about to wreak havoc in her young life. Set on the peaceful banks of the Murray River where the paddle-wheelers were plying their trade, Louisa's life would be anything but peaceful!

For Sylvia and Elizabeth, upheaval was the order-of-the-day when Sir Charles Lyndhurst made his move. Life would never be the same again.
The Stella McMillan Seven-Book Series begins with the first Trilogy set in 19th. century  Victoria, commencing outside the town of Echuca, before moving to the city of Melbourne and coinciding with the first Royal Tour of Victoria. 


The First Trilogy

Error of Understanding

Book One

Error Perpetuated

Book Two

Era of Understanding

Book Three


The Second Trilogy

Awakening to Awareness Cover

Book One

Book Five Error Profound

Book Two

Era of Discernment

Book Three

Suspension Front

The Third Trilogy

Transition Book One
Transition Book

Book Two

Perception Book

Book Three

Come . . . Take my hand . . .  Let me lead you back in time. Journey with me to a reality that exists no longer. Once there, you will experience the high times and the low times that ones of that era accepted as normal in their daily lives. Are we any different today really as we struggle and strive for a better life?

Allow me introduce you to Louisa and Charles, as well as Fiona and Alexander, while following the story of Paula and Lachlan.

With those who are prepared to seek a deeper meaning, this Series of books and eBooks presents another perspective on life as we know it. These offer romantic fiction, laced with intrigue and adventure. At the same time, this Series stretches the reader to consider another aspect to this current physical life. Have we been here before while interacting with the same people who are with us currently? Have we lived in other countries and cultures? Learn what Paula discovers as her physical life hangs in the balance. The second Trilogy commences on the Australian Gold Coast over a century later, before moving to the USA. 

I am a writer of fiction. I am attempting to offer another perspective for those whose minds are open to age-old concepts. Having regressed to a past-life, I was intrigued and continued my search. There is a sacred and secret truth. All must seek it alone. Once discovered, this age-old mystery cannot be passed on to another. This is the quest that is only for the Spiritual Warrior.

Lamb of Love

The Dove of Peace descends this day.
The Lamb of Love comes to the fray.
The turmoil of Earth continues to play.
In a land far away, his head he did lay.

Far, far from turmoil of earthly care,
Far, far from fear of earthly war,
In a land of beauty, free from fear,
The Great Southern Land protects him there.

His blanket is one of protection from harm.
His parents the Light of all who come
To see, to know, to follow, to form
The nucleus of a family formed in Love.

Divine Light, Divine Wisdom, Divine Will
Are the hallmark signs of  this child of Love.
Divine Love is his only signature still.
With Balance, Power and Life, he is above.

Above all, above Earth, above turmoil, strife -
Guile unknown, he offers hope in life.
The Lamb of Love comes to still the flame,
To lighten the load, to heal - not enflame.

To enflame with a passion for God Everlasting
To a world torn apart, hatred rising,
He comes in Love, in Peace, in Blessed Joy.
Welcome him all, our precious, golden boy!

Stella McMillan
Copyright  Beverly Bree 30 September, 2012
First published in 2013 in the book:
SUSPENSION - Between Two Realms

Eternal Call

A diamond of great rarity fell to Earth.
It was pure; it was clear; it was superb.
Dust covered its purity as its journey began.
Whispering winds rolled it along in the sand.
Sands of time cracked its pristine surface a little.
As mud filled its cracks, sun made it brittle.

A Hand lifted it high; its Creator's Breath soothed.
Rest and refuge was its harbour beneath the moon.
Again, this diamond fell on Earth's surface,
though no longer so pure, nor so clear, but still superb
beneath the collection of dust, sand, mud of Earth.

In all its lifetimes since before time began,
the Heart of the diamond pulsed beneath sand,
mud, dust and grime - alive at its Heart.

In time with the Creator's Beat, it was never apart.
Light, Love, Wisdom, Will, Order, Power, Life Divine
were the Hallmark Traits of this diamond sublime.
Difficult to recognise by a glance at its surface;
There was little to recommend it to ones of taste.
Others saw only its outer shell - not its Core.

Illusion reigned supreme. Unrecognisable, though pure - 
still pure - a diamond of great beauty roamed on Earth!

 Copyright Beverly Bree 01 January, 2010
These are the first two verses of this twelve verse poem - 
First published in 2011 in the first edition of the fourth book -
Stella McMillan Seven-Book Series:

Stella McMillan Books & eBooks - Two Trilogies & a Companion Book

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